6 Michigan lakes make list of best Bass Fishing in the USA

It’s safe to say that fishing is big in Michigan, very big.

Bassmaster Magazine revealed its rankings for the best bass lakes in the country and Michigan dominated, with 6 of the top 10 lakes.

Michigan lakes 6 of top 10 in USA for Bass fishing:

  • Lake St. Clair (ranked No. 2)
  • Burt/Mullet Lakes (ranked No. 5)
  • Bays de Noc (ranked No. 7)
  • Saginaw Bay (ranked No. 8)
  • Lake Charlevoix (ranked No. 9)
  • Grand Traverse Bay (ranked No. 10)
6 Michigan lakes make list of best Bass Fishing in the USA

Michigan is home to some big fish.

In 2016, angler Robert Bruce Kraemer broke the state record for smallmouth bass, landing a 23.10-inch, 9.98-pounder on the Indian River in Cheboygan County.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, Michigan is known for its plentiful population of “both largemouth and smallmouth bass.” The report states that smallmouths primarily dominate the north side of the state.

Along with many fishing accolades, Michigan is also the top fly fishing state.

The state was mentioned in Forbes’ “Top 10 Fly Fishing States” article and Michigan was named the “best fly fishing state in America,” according to Field and Stream.

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