Launch ramps are busy areas.

When using the ramp, your goal is to be fast, safe, and efficient.


In the staging area (not at the ramp): load your boat, put the drain plug in, put the key in the ignition to test the battery, load your boat, attach fenders on the sides, etc.


At the ramp, get the boat in and out quickly and safely.

Don’t dawdle, don’t block people, don’t spend 20 minutes loading your boat, etc. You can catch up and chit chat after your truck is parked away from the ramp.

If you are a first time boat owner, try practicing on a non-busy day first before going out. Especially reversing your vehicle with the trailer.

Try to bring a friend as a spotter and helper. Don’t launch alone.

If your friends are in cars, tell them to park in standard parking spaces, not the trailer parking space.


Move to the side if you’re not ready.

Don’t be a ramp hog.

Don’t blare your music until you’re way out on the water, away from the dock.

If its dark out, have your nav lights on when your boat touches the water.

As soon as the boat is off the trailer, immediately pull back up the ramp and park in a designated spot.


If you see a guy struggling don’t just sit there staring in amusement or frustration. Offer to give them a hand.


And always remember to put the drain plug in.



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