British food blogger, Kate Ovens didn’t back down when she was tasked to eat “The Baconator”, a three-foot-long, five-pound hot dog layered in cheese, five types of bacon and other condiments served up at Oh My Dog, a restaurant at the Four Pure Brewery in south-east London, England.

“This Baconator is three-feet in size. Bear in mind that I’m 5-foot-5 so this is almost the size of me. It’s definitely longer than my arm,” Ovens said before chowing down on the 5,000-calorie sausage delight made of beef, pork and bacon bockwurst.

While doubtful at first, the 25-year-old absolutely destroyed the Baconator, consuming it in 25 minutes.

After eating every last morsel, Ovens was met with cheers and applause. “I feel like I need this kind of encouragement in everyday life,” she said.

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