St Laurent Cruise Ship
St Laurent Cruise Ship

The 105-stateroom M.S. Saint Laurent is a 4-star, intimate and charming ocean-going coastal vessel. Her spacious indoor and expansive outdoor public areas make her an ideal vessel for exploring destinations larger vessels cannot reach. Outfitted with elevator (Decks 1 to 4), as well as on-board full service salon, boutique and medical services you will find all amenities expected from a deluxe ocean vessel.

A luxury cruise ship named the Saint Laurent will embark this July from Montreal to Chicago, hitting up several cottage country destinations along the way. Visiting all five of the Great Lakes, the Saint Laurent cruise is an ideal trip for limnology experts, locks enthusiasts, and lovers of Canadian history. Specially designed to sail the Great Lakes, the Saint Laurent’s smaller size means it can travel to smaller ports than many other luxury cruise ships.


For its maiden voyage, the ship will embark from Montreal and sail via the St. Lawrence Seaway and Lake Ontario through to the historical Welland Canal, which was first built in 1824. After a viewing of Niagara Falls, the ship will then travel from Lake Erie to Lake Huron, with a stop in Windsor and Detroit. The ship then sails through Lake Huron up to the cottage country of Georgian Bay.

After experiencing the rich history of Manitoulin Island, the ship travels to Sault Saint Marie and then to the Victorian-era Mackinac Island, located between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The island has a no-car policy – meaning all transportation is by horse – and is rife with charming historical buildings. After cruising across Lake Michigan, the ship disembarks in Chicago.

Boasting four levels and 105 rooms, the Saint Laurent features multiple decks for sunbathing, a spacious dining room and lounge, plus a full-service boutique and salon. Onboard, the cruise offers afternoon tea, cocktail hour, live entertainment, cooking classes, and seated breakfast, lunch, and multi-course dinners. Although a trip on the Saint Laurent is on the pricier side, starting at $1,099 for three nights, it offers an exciting new way to traverse the Great Lakes. Check out all the details at Great Lakes Cruising

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