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c. 29,000 BC stone dildo

No, we’re not talking about that funny-looking old timey Orgasmatron contraption you found in Grandpa’s safe. We’re talking older than that. We’re going way back!

Old original man-cave drawing

Every generation wants to think that they’re the first ones in history to discover something new about human sexuality.

Old Phallus

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Got news for y’all: humans been doing everything your dirty mind can think of (and more) for centuries!

German Stone Dildo

Well, we all know Germany is perverted. Perhaps that’s why some of the world’s oldest pornography (33,000 BC) was found there and why recently, the world’s oldest dildo (29,000 BC stone phallus) was found in a cave there.

Royal Toilet

So remember, humans have had dirty, creative minds for tens of thousands of years. You ain’t doin nuthin new, Kemosabe. Buy you CAN help modify!

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