Anatomik Media custom porn fetish videos

Here’s an interesting factoid for ya:

75% of custom porn/fetish videos DO NOT actually involve sex. This means that what sexually arouses many people is not even sex itself but non-mainstream fetishes and sexual interests.

Custom porn and fetish videos, also known as Bespoke Porn, is a variety of sub-niche categories catering to specific interests.

It is the # 1 fastest growing sector of the adult entertainment industry.

Anatomik Media custom porn fetish videos

Whatever you can dream up, they can shoot it for you 100% custom.

No request is too weird or unusual, except for things like anything underage, transphobic, homophobic, racist, or otherwise deeply offensive and morally reprehensible.

This sort of content is commissioned by and created for a specific client who can even write their own scripts if they want to.

Anatomik Media’s Dan and Rhiannon Humes (photo from Ladbible)

Anatomik Media is a bespoke porn company based in Los Angeles, California.

It is run by married couple and former Chicagoans Dan & Rhiannon Humes. Rhiannon once worked for Walt Disney Animation Studios. The Humes are committed to producing high-quality content.

Anatomik Media specializes in making custom fetish videos. The key ingredients are props and details.

On average, they shoot 20-30 videos per month.

These videos takes about 2-3 months to get back to you. They’re shot in 4K and the MP4 file is sent to you.

Anatomik Media custom porn fetish videos

The fetish market is enormous and global.

Some of the categories on Anatomik’s site are:

balloon, bellybutton, catfight, damsel in distress, electroplay, eye fetish, feminization, findom (financial domination), flyswatter, forced crossdressing, gunge, inflatables, interrogation, medical fetish, office fantasies, sci-fi, slow-mo, thigh fetish, trampling, wetlook, etc.


Anatomik Media has shot fetish videos of:

Flies being swatted, women pouring chocolate pudding on themselves, carpets being cleaned with vintage 1970’s vacuum cleaners, and their most interesting request thusfar was a man in Norway sent in his rare stamp collection to be destroyed and burned by high-heeled models.

Do you have a Custom Porn idea? Start writing your script today!

Anatomik Media custom porn fetish videos


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Dan shooting video with Ella and Casey (photo Emily Berl)

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