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How do you beach a 98' yacht
How do you beach a 98′ yacht

So how does one go about getting their 98′ yacht stuck on the beach? Your wanted by the Russians and you continue to taught them by uploading images to Facebook. Guess he does have a death wish!

The short story is – Sergey Polonsky, owner of this 98 Azimut found beached hard on Koh Tang Island in Cambodia is a fugitive from the Russian government. He can’t be extradited because there is no extradition treaty between Cambodia and Russia.

The questions surrounding this are obvious and endless. Like how does a 98 yacht end up so far up on the beach!? Or why would a guy wanted by the Russian government continually post his location on Facebook? Maybe I’m a bit paranoid but while Russia can’t legally extradite him they certainly can illegally execute him.

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The 98-foot Azimut yacht belongs to Sergey Polonsky, who made the Forbes list of billionaires in 2008 with an estimated net worth of US$1.2 billion (B36 billion).

Today Polonsky has a different kind of listing – a red notice on the Interpol site, stating that he is wanted in Russia after being found guilty of embezzling millions of dollars from investors in two residential developments in Moscow.

Polonsky fled his home country, claiming he was framed in an attempt to deprive him of his business and assets. He now lives on a privately owned island in Cambodia, beyond the reach of the Russian authorities – there is no extradition treaty between Russia and Cambodia.

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But his company, Mirax, has disappeared, and now his boat is beached.

On his Facebook page on April 16, several days after the stranding at Koh Tang, about 50km from Sihanoukville, Polonsky wrote, “Parked her nice. Rescue mission has been [ongoing] for four days. A storm is expected tomorrow. Probably, will finish on time.”


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