SS Edmund Fitzgerald

The fierce Gales of November!

35-foot high waves and 80mph hurricane-like winds sunk the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, a 729ft long Great Lakes freighter, on November 10th, 1975.

The entire crew of 29 men went down with the ship in the icy 500ft deep waters of Lake Superior. None of their bodies have ever been recovered.

The ship went down 17 miles off the coast of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan near Whitefish Bay.

SS Eddie Fitz ruins

Launched June 1958 from Great Lakes Engineering Works (1000 E. Great Lakes Ave, River Rouge, MI), the SS Edmund Fitzgerald sailed the Great Lakes proudly for over 15 years until that fateful day. R.I.P. Crew of the Eddie Fitz!

SS Edmund Fitzgerald info

Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum info on SS Edmund Fitzgerald

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