20 Dating

Niche online dating platforms are becoming more common.

Are you an octogenarian boat owner seeking a younger woman. Much younger. like 60 years younger? This site might be for you.

20 Dating is a new dating service designed specifically for people seeking a significant age gap in their relationships.

It is dedicated to those seeking an age difference of 20 or more years between themselves and a prospective partner.

Almost every mainstream dating app has an age-range filter, so it will be interesting to see how popular this app becomes.

20 Dating

The aim is to tackle the stigma around relationship age gaps, where women are often judged much more harshly than men (with the age-old trope of females being cougars when dating younger people). However, 20 Dating is not just for romance – platonic friendships are encouraged, too.

According to David Minns, the creative mind behind 20 Dating:

“Trying to connect with someone more than 20 years older/younger on a product like Tinder or Bumble is at best going to end up with a lot of rejection.”

“Finding an 18 or 20 year old interested in a 40 year old on a ‘standard’ dating site could be a real challenge. However, at 20 Dating, you know everyone is open to a larger age gap.”

20 Dating


20 Dating


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