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Say it ain't so!
Say it ain’t so!
As anyone or any business grows that person or business changes over that time. As JobbieCrew.com gets more and more traffic from local and international sources the cost to provide this has gone up as well. The model up to this point was everything is free except the “good” pictures for which you needed a membership to view. The money we raised went back into web hosting and upgrades for the site. This model has worked up to this point but no longer covers the cost to maintain the site and the traffic we have. The captain up until now has been paying the difference out of his pocket. Going forward a different model is needed and we need sponsorship in the form of advertising and sponsors for the events. In our search for this funding  the number one issue we run into is “Company X does not want our business associated with naked images” In order to keep the site going forward we will no longer be taking paid memberships for the “good” pictures. We will continue to honor those who have paid for memberships until they expire. By June 15th, 2016 this chapter of JobbieCrew.com will be decommissioned. We will continue to have and post pictures from all the events and we will continue to attend and promote the events and the boating community in southeast Michigan and anywhere us this journey will take us.