This year, things have taken an interesting turn and dating app Jaumo has put together a list of upcoming sex trends you need to keep an eye out for. 

Shave Your Favourite Drink Into Your Privates

Patterns for your vagina

While you might be familiar with standard styles for her nether region such as Brazilians or The Landing Strip, 2018 has delivered a whole new trend. This year, women are shaving their favorite drinks into their private area. Think taking your love for Proseccos to a whole new level, with the outline of a wine glass shaven between her legs. 



An oral sex snorkel for water sex

snorkelO oral sex snorkel

This summer has been a scorcher, so the thought of getting even sweatier between the sheets hasn’t been the most tempting at times.

It comes as no surprise that there has been a rise in cooling down and having sex in water.

And what item is more crucial than an oral sex snorkel, designed to help you pleasure your partner under water.

This kinky and bizarre toy has emerged as a new favorite sex accessory for summer 2018, so will you be taking the plunge?

Toys that talk dirty to you

Talk Dirty to me

“Dirty Talk” has always been a classic favorite for spicing things up in the bedroom.

But what do you do when you are up for some solo fun?

A solution for this has been found in the form of sex toys that talk dirty to you, and apparently, guys can’t get enough of it.

An American company has brought a new device for men to market, which can play sentences and groaning of porn actresses to take the masturbation experience to a whole other level.

Fitness trackers for vaginas

Fitness tracker for your Vagina

The last few years have seen the likes of Fitbits and health tracker boom in popularity.

But now there is tracker designed especially for your vagina that people are going mad for.

The device has special love balls attached to strengthen your muscles in the pelvic floor and even track progress with the right app.

The balls are inserted into the vagina with the aim to move them with the pelvic floor muscles.

The result: better sexual performance and higher intensity of the orgasms. Win, win.

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