Annelies Ilena

These things are basically massive floating death traps.

Annelies Ilena is the world’s largest fishing supertrawler.

Annelies Ilena

Built in Kristiansund, Norway and formerly known as Atlantic Dawn, the trawler is 474 feet long x 79 feet wide. It has a 14,055 gross tonnage, which is about 28 million pounds.

The Annelies can process and freeze up to 400 tons of fish every day. It can hold a total of 7,000 tons of frozen fish.

MV Margaris

MV Margaris is the world’s second largest fish supertrawler.

Built in Lithuania, the trawler is 468 feet long x 60 feet wide. It has 9,499 gross tonnage.

Both ships have nets that are 2,000 feet wide. These nets are massive.

As a comparison, an NFL football field is 300 ft long x 160 ft wide.

MV Margaris

Since they’re so big, they basically catch every living thing in sight, suck them into the boat thru a giant tube, where they’re killed.

The United Nations claims the world’s fish stocks are too depleted and over-exploited to sustain.

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