Bain Correctional Center: World’s Largest Prison Ship!

Docked at Hunts Point, South Bronx, NYC in Long Island Sound, this 47,000-ton behemoth currently holds 870 inmates spread throughout 100 cells divided up into 16 dormitories.

That’s averaging about 8 prisoners per cell.

Bain Correctional Prison Ship 1 Halleck Street Bronx, New York 10474-7085

Built in 1992 for $161 million dollars, this 5-story jail barge was needed as overflow incarceration space for Rikers Island Prison.

Rikers has been the main prison compound for New York City since 1884.

Rikers Island is 413 acres and has a prison population of over 20,000 spread throughout 10 facilities which constitutes possibly the world’s largest penal colony.

Bain is docked at Hunts Point, South Bronx, NYC

The Bain Correctional Facility flatbed barge is 625ft long and 125ft wide.

It was named in honor of Rikers prison warden Vernon C. Bain. The ship was constructed in New Orleans and successfully made an 1800-mile nautical trip to NYC.

Bain Prison Ship

The floating jail features a law library, rec room, roofdeck basketball, seagulls stuck in razor-wire and more.

New York’s Finest: NYPD


Bain Correctional Center Floating Prison
1 Halleck Street
Bronx, NY 10474-7085

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