Warning: you won’t be able to unsee this. During the 1000m speed skating event at the Winter Olympics, a streaker crashed the ice – and it was captured on camera!

Forget Chloe Kim, 17, scoring her first gold medal before she’s old enough to vote. Forget the record-breaking performances put on by Alina Zagitova, 15, and Evgenia Medvedeva, 18. The real highlight of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyegonchang, South Korea, came on Feb. 23, as a streaker hit the ice, according to TMZ. From what it appears, after the Men’s 1000m speed skating event – where Dutch skater Kjeld Nuis, 28, won gold – a man rushed the barriers. After jumping onto the ice, he stripped away his shirt and his pants to reveal a pink tutu.


Oh, that wasn’t all. The man’s genitals were covered in what looks like a monkey puppet (or the most inappropriate thong out there.) The words PEACE+LOVE were written on his chest, though no one was probably reading his message during this stunt. Instead, onlookers were probably watching this dude make a fool out of himself as he fell hard on the ice. Though, this streaker was quite a trooper. He got back up on his feet and continued to “skate” along on his merry way. No gold medal for you, dude.

Streakers are a tradition for giant public events, including the Olympics, according to  Mark Roberts, a veteran who has more than 500 streaks under his non-existent belt, said that there’s a huge thrill that comes with going naked. “I love the total freedom,” he said, before adding an important detail. “You’re free for about two minutes. Then you lose all your freedom the minute you’re behind a cell door.”

streaker on ice

It wasn’t immediately known what happened to the streaker – whether security apprehended him or if he decided to put on his pants and go home. We’ll update this post with any information about his surprise Olympian. In the meantime, hopefully viewers can unsee the sight of a fat man’s monkey peeking out from under a pink tutu.

What do you think about the streaker? Hilarious? Gross?

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