White Boy Rick Detroit (Richard Wershe Jr)

Detroit drug dealer and federal informant Richard Wershe Jr. (aka: White Boy Rick) was 17-years old when he was sentenced to life in prison in 1988.

The FBI recruited and used Rick as an informant from the young age of 14.

At the age of only 15, he was shot at by a Curry crew member. 

Wershe’s story gained national attention in the 1980s after he was convicted of possession with intent to deliver over 650 grams of cocaine after working for the FBI as an informant.

White Boy Rick Detroit (Richard Wershe Jr)

In June 2017, Wershe was unanimously granted parole in Michigan after spending nearly 30 years in prison.

He was Michigan’s longest-serving non-violent criminal.

Cocaine, Detroit and the Ongoing White Boy Rick Saga: 27 Years Ago Today White Boy Ricks Gets Life in Prison

Rick had a total of 4 parole hearings.

His last parole hearing was in Detroit, Michigan and Kid Rock was there along with many FBI agents in support of Rick’s release.

White Boy Rick Detroit (Richard Wershe Jr)

Immediately afterwards, he began serving a sentence in Florida for being part of a car theft ring.

According the the Florida Department of Corrections, Wershe is set to be released from a Florida halfway house on July 20, 2020.


Wershe was never given any cut in his sentence as a result of his cooperation with the FBI, which is considered unusual.

Wershe got a lot of national attention after two films were made on his life.

One in 2018 titled “White Boy Rick,” starred Matthew McConaughey, who played Wershe’s father.

White Boy Rick Detroit (Richard Wershe Jr)

The documentary ‘White Boy‘ about the case, made by Seth Ferranti (Gorilla Convict), Shawn Rech (Transition Studios), and others had a world premiere in Detroit.

White Boy Rick Detroit (Richard Wershe Jr)


Richard Wershe’s was born July 18, 1969.

He will be 51 years old when he’s released.



Wershe’s Florida inmate profile


TTH of Kissimmee CRC (Male)
900 East Vine Street
Kissimmee, Florida 34744


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