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As we get closer and closer to Jobbie Nooner 2011. I think back on some of the great memories and friends we meet and made in the previous years. What started out as just another excuse to party has turn into the mass spectacle of the Midwest we call Jobbie Nooner!

As we all have read by now Jobbie nooner was started by a bunch of “Jobbies” that skipped work to go out and kick back a few cold ones. Wonder if anyone who was at the fist couple had any idea of what would turn into what is now called Jobbie Nooner? I hope some of them still make the trip out year after year.
As with most things here in and around Detroit the attitude prevails ” Let’s make it bigger and better”. Last year there was an estimated 10,000 people in attendance. This year we are expecting even more. The more the merrier we say!! come and party, have fun and show your boobs!
See you all there!
The Crew

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