Be wary of kangaroos if you have fake breasts!

From the Great Lakes Advocate in Austraila

A woman will undergo surgery to repair ruptured breast implants after they were damaged in kangaroo attack in South Australia last week.

Sharon Heinrich on the Riesling Trail with a kangaroo boxer her husband gave her after the incident to cheer her up.

Sharon Heinrich was cycling along the Riesling Trail, one of the Clare Valley’s most picturesque and popular areas, with her good friend Helen Salter when she noticed a kangaroo standing up on a ledge.

Without warning the huge marsupial leaped onto the trail, knocking both women off their bikes.

“I saw him and thought ‘oh isn’t he cute’ – then he was on top of me,” Mrs Heinrich said.

The kangaroo, which Mrs Heinrich suspects was was a male buck based on its size, landed on top of Mrs Heinrich before using its powerful legs to leap off again into Ms Salter.

“I’m 5’4″ and he was taller than me, and so heavy,” she said.

“Once he landed on me, he used me to launch off again, which caused more damage.”

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