Today is Veterans Day. It is a day where everyone should stop and give thanks to the less than 8% of Americans(2014 VA est) alive who have thought about someone other than themselves and volunteered to defend this country for the other 92%.

Your right to protest, your rights to bear arms, your right to a free and fair elections and the defense of democracy and the United States were hard won on the backs of the American military and the sacrifice of many US servicemen and women. Many have paid the ultimate price.

Aerial of Arlington National Cemetery

As veterans ourselves we understand the mindset it takes to be part of something bigger than yourselves. To give up your freedom so others may have theirs. To stand watch at 2am in the morning while many are still out at the bar. To wake up, lace up your boots, grab a rifle and not know if you are coming home today. We understand what many do not.

While today has turned into a day to save on a TV or on a mattress. It is, and should be a day to salute and thank those who have given all so that America can be the land of the free and home of the brave.

This country is not perfect and never will be. There is still to much war in our own streets and amongst ourselves. Disrespect of others and their opinions and the foundations of what many have died for seem to be forgotten. While not perfect the alternatives are a lot worse.

Here, you are entitled to your own thoughts, opinions, views, region and free speech. Things that people are still dying for right now in other oppressive countries as we write this.

Say Thanks

In conclusion, Be part of the 8%. Serve someone else today, help someone up rather than walk over them,  look at  someone else’s point of  view with an open mind, thank a cop, fire fighter or EMT and most of all stop and think about the men and women that are right now standing guard in our armed services and thank them!



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