U.S. Naval Research Lab’s THE FLIMMER flying-swmming UAV

Yes, those genius aerospace engineers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory in Washington D.C. are at it again. They’ve invented a flying drone can fly 60mph in the air AND dive into the water and swim 11mph underwater like a submarine!

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s the U.S. Navy’s flying-swimming FLIMMER drone!

This amphibious sea drone has been dubbed “The Flimmer“, short for flying-swimmer. It acts as a Sonobuoy, “a sonar-carrying buoy dropped from planes to scan area for submarines,” among other things.

The Flimmer is “affordably expendable” and was developed by a team led by Dr. Dan Edwards, Tactical Electronic Warfare specialist at the U.S. Naval Research Labs. Contact Dr. Dan: vrs@nrl.navy.mil

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (4555 Overlook Ave SW, Washington, D.C.)


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