That’s right!

Apparently Charles Dickens sailed Lake Erie in 1842.

saucy chap Charles Dickens

And Mark Twain sailed Lake St. Clair in 1895. Too bad he wasn’t around for Jobbie Nooner!

Mark Twain

Windsor Star article

Bonus Trivia:

Mark Twain’s daughter, Clara Clemens, moved to Detroit after her Russian husband Ossip became director of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Clara Clemens

From 1918-1936, they lived at a lavish mansion at 611 West Boston Blvd, Detroit, which still stands today.

Clara Clemens House (611 W. Boston Blvd, Detroit)







Oh, what you like to read? Yeah, you remember books, right? Here’s some good ones, bookwurm.

Bleak House (1853) Charles Dickens

Letters From the Earth (1962) Mark Twain

On Masturbation (1879) Mark Twain ebook


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