Trident Spectre

U.S. Navy’s Naval Special Warfare’s Trident Specter Exercises are designed to pilot emerging technologies that might be able to help U.S. Navy’s special operations forces.

Trident Spectre is the Naval Special Warfare Innovation Proving Ground, and is an annual exercise focused on the integration of operations, intelligence and technology that comes together as a result of continuous planning and collaboration with joint interagency stakeholders.

Trident Spectre

This event is planned, organized, and coordinated with interagency partners: DoD, the Intelligence Community, SOF (Special Operations Forces).

Trident Spectre is also known as the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) Naval Special Warfare Innovation Battle Lab.

What:          Naval Special Warfare’s Trident Spectre Exercises

When:         May 15-26, 2023

Where:        Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek (Fort Story, VA)


Trident Spectre

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