You would not leave the dock without your booze so why would you leave the dock without towing coverage! Doesn’t matter if you are American or Canadian there is a plan for you (We know some fisherman that have both just in case). So as you prep your boat for the spring launch make sure you renew or sign up for towing coverage it’s cheaper than a tank full of gas!

need a tow?

Anyone who has had to get a tow knows how expensive it is. For less than a case of beer and nice bottle of your choice you can leave the dock with the piece of mind that if something happens you will get back safe and sound. “I’ll just call the Coast Guard”…..Wrong , unless you are sinking or in a peril the USCG and or Sherriff will only tow you to get you out of harms way. Then they will call one of the towing companies to do the rest otherwise they will just call Canada’s towboat or Tow Boat US Lake St Clair to start with.

While it is true that both Canada’s Boat Tow and Tow Boat Lake St Clair are sponsors of the site it was not always the case. We do and have for the last 4 years pay the $72 a year for our coverage and the one year we didn’t have the coverage it was over $500 for the tow we need after the poor 50hp we had on the shipped died under the stress!(Which is how we learned of the unlimited towing)

In addition to just towing both plans cover/includes:
Running out of fuel
Dead Battery
24/7/365 service


Get your towing package before you leave the dock!

Canada’s Tow Boat – 1-800-288-4650 or hail “CANADA’S Towboat” on channel 16 of your VHF marine radio.

Canada’s Towboat

Tow Boat Lake St Clair – 586-783-7700 1-800-288-4650 or hail “Tow Boat Lake St Clair” on channel 16 of your VHF marine radio.


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