TowBoatUS Lake St. Clair

Don’t worry. There’s no lengthy long-winded explanation about this.

It’s real simple.

Most boats will have to be towed at some point for some reason.

TowBoatUS Lake St. Clair

If you DO NOT have a TowBoatUS Lake St. Clair membership, that single tow can cost you a steep average of $600-$800+ out of pocket.

However, if you are smart and prepared, you will have a low-cost annual membership with TowBoatUS Lake St. Clair.

For only $90.00 per year (or $65 for new members), they offer UNLIMITED 24 HOUR TOWING.

TowBoatUS Lake St. Clair

Tow Boat US Lake St Clair is owned by Cpn. William Leslie.

They are located at the mouth of the Clinton River.

They are apart of TowBoatUS, the largest fleet of professionally equipped towing companies in the country. Tow Boat US Lake St Clair has 9 tow boats equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Enroll or renew your membership today!

When they ask “how did you hear about us?” tell them Jobbie Crew baby!

Happy boating! Stay safe out there and be prepared.

TowBoatUS Lake St. Clair


TowBoatU.S. Lake St. Clair

32825 S. River Rd.

Harrison Township, MI 48045

You can reach them 24/7 on VHF 16 or call or email:

(586) 783-7700



Facebook page


TowBoatUS Lake St. Clair Cpn. William Leslie

Captain William Leslie took over the TowBoatU.S. franchise of Lake St Clair in 2011.

In addition to towing, Cpn. Will’s St. Clair Marine Salvage offers salvage and refloat assistance.

St. Clair Marine Salvage marine recovery professionals are available 24/7/365 to assist with your marine towing, salvage, launch and chartering needs.

Their USCG-licensed captains, salvage master, divers and crew are trained in the latest best practices for safety.


TowBoatUS Lake St. Clair
TowBoatUS Lake St. Clair

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