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10.) Marc Gormley-Little Wings (that voice, that power-stance!)



9.) Winnebago Man (replete with expletives)



8.) Haunted Toaster (what doesn’t Satan infiltrate?)



7.) Ice JJ Fish-On The Floor (Chicago “helium” rapper’s music video)



6.) Indian Thriller (Bollywood does Michael Jackson)



5.) Kai the Hitchhiker (“smash, smash, sh-mash!”)



4.) Crazy Woman at McDonald’s Drive-Thru (“I will assume my ultimate form!” Melodi Dushane in Toledo, Ohio wants her meth and McNuggets)



3.) Ed Bassmaster-Look at this car (Philly’s funniest prankster)




2.) Hide Ya Kids! (Antoine Dodson in Huntsville, Alabama)



2a.) Bonus: Hide Ya Kids REMIX!




1.) Leprechaun in Alabama (“I want the gold, gimme the gold!” leprechaun spotted in the Crichton neighborhood of Mobile, Alabama. Possibly the funniest newscast of all time.)





Ed Bassmaster-The Hacker (pranking the unsuspecting general public will never get old!)



Ed Bassmaster-Ronnie Prank Call Illegal Advice (“Cuz I’ll wet her with the hose every day, I don’t care”)



1980’s Video Dating Montage!



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