Mayweather v.s. McGregor!

Tonight is the big night! 

Grand Rapids, Michigan native Floyd Mayweather versus Dublin born Conor McGregor

The fight takes place at T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Doors are at 2:30pm, the fight is at 9pm. 

Mayweather v.s. McGregor!

You can watch on Showtime PPV for $100.00. Showtime is expecting to make $400 million dollars off global pay per view sales alone. 

Tickets are still on sale for the match and going for $3500-$10,000

Many think Mayweather (who came out of retirement for this) will win due to his age, record and experience. However, Mr. McGregor could surprise everyone and KO Mayweather. 

Conor McGregor is a left-hander and Oscar de la Hoya said “The left hand is the Kryoptonite for Mayweather“. 

Mayweather has a professional record of 49-0 with 26 knockouts

Each fighter will win millions of dollars. 

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Mayweather v.s. McGregor!
Mayweather v.s. McGregor!

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