Bang Tech 12 Detroit

The Bang Tech 12 record label was started by 4 friends in Ypsilanti, Michigain in 1996. They moved to the Whitney Building in Downtown Detroit in 1997 and the rest is history.

Bang Tech 12 has an excellent reputation for throwing some of the best DJ dance parties, EDM shows, raves, anything electronica in Detroit.

Bang Tech 12 Detroit

According to their website: “Bang Tech 12’s original members were Greg Montgomery aka DJ Eclipse, Bill Stacy aka DJ Seoul, Brandon Watkins aka DJ Watts and Scott Coleman aka DJ Recoil.”

“Soon to follow were Andrew Ruiz aka DJ Dru, Todd Perrine, Laura Hardgrove, Maurice Turner aka Dj Moreese and Chris Gillyard aka G. Major. Some people that had a brief stay in Bang Tech 12 before making it bigtime were Minx, Billebob, Jerry the Cat, Milton Baldwin aka Dj Skurge, Dj Recoil, The Punisher and Magda.”

More info below. The party tonight is FREE! Party on the rooftop patio, upstairs, downstairs and middle room.

Bang Tech 12 Detroit

What:         Bang Tech 12’s 20th Anniversary Event!

When:        Friday, May 27th, 2016

Where:       Bookies Bar & Grill (2208 Cass Ave, Detroit)

Time:         3pm-3am

Cost:         FREE!

Facebook event page

Bang Tech 12 Detroit


***Rooftop Patio***
3-4 John Arnold
4-5 Matt Radovich
5-6 Klaina/ Detune
6-7 Dimitri Pike
7-8 DJ Roach
8-9 DJ Mourad
9-10 Scott C.
10-11 Will Web
11-12 DJ K-1
12-1 Shawn Rudiman
1-2 Eisbrenner

***Upstairs Inside***
3-4 Claus Bachor
4-5 Rome N Shades
5-6 ?Confusion?
6-7 VidelaMora
7-8 Zuccaro
8-9 DJ Dav
9-10 Jani HO
10-11 Jeff Wallace
11-12 Doc
12-1 DJ Dali / DJ Nabil
1-2 Tim Baker

3-4 Superjoint
4-5 DJ Katalist
5-6 Slothboss
6-7 Ben Cuthbert
7-8 DJ Maverick
8-9 G.Major
9-10 Terry James
10-11 Todd Perrine
11-12 Drivetrain
12-1 Joe Hix
1-2 TJ Monte

***Middle Room***
530-7 Get Physical
7-8 DJ 50/50
8-9 DJ Bonic
9-10 Swole Brothers
10-11 Sneaky
11-12 Dalouda
12-1 XO
1-2 DJ Southside

Bang Tech 12 Detroit

DJ K-1 – Detroit, USA
Will Web – Detroit, USA
John Arnold – Detroit, USA
Tim Baker – Chicago, USA
Drivetrain – Detroit, USA
DJ Roach – Detroit, USA
?Confusion? – Boston, USA
Ben Cuthbert – Boston, USA
Zuccaro – Milwaukee, USA
DOC – Ft. Wayne, USA
Todd Perrine – Toledo, USA
Terry James – San Diego, USA
XO – Indianapolis, USA
Sneaky – Chicago, USA
Big Joe Hix – Detroit, USA
DJ Southside – Detroit, USA
Scott C. – Detroit, USA
G.Major – Detroit, USA
Dalouda – Detroit, USA
Sloth Boss – Detroit, USA
Get Physical – Detroit, USA
Swole Brotherz – Ypsilanti, USA
DJ Katalist – Detroit, USA
TJ Monte – Detroit, USA
DJ Maverick – Detroit, USA
Superjoint – Detroit, USA
DJ 50/50 – Cleveland, USA
DJ Dav – Detroit, USA
DJ Bonic – Detroit, USA

Bang Tech 12 Detroit

Eisbrenner – Berlin, Germany
Claus Bachor – Cologne, Germany
Matt Radovich – Melbourne, Australia
Rome N’ Shades – Toronto, Canada
DJ Mourad – Tunis, Tunisia
DJ Nabil – Tunis, Tunisia
DJ Dali – Tunis, Tunisia
Dimitri Pike – Tournai, Belgium
Klaina – Leuven, Belgium
Detune – Ghent, Belgium
Jeff Wallace – Stockholm, Sweden

Bang Tech 12 Detroit

Shawn Rudiman – Pittsburgh, USA
Jani Ho – Melbourne, Australia
Videlamora – Los Angeles, USA

Rocket Science Convention with Shawn Rudiman
3 PM – 5 PM – FREE

Bang Tech 12 Detroit

Shawn Rudiman of Detroit Techno Militia/God Particle/7th City will be discussing ideas and sharing production & live performance tips and tricks during this informational session. He is known around the world for his in depth knowledge of analog music gear.

We will be set up on the 2nd floor of Bookies at the very beginning of the Bang Tech 12 party.

Space will be limited. Free tickets will be available for this event on a first come, first served basis.

Provided by:

Detroit Techno Militia
TJ monte Sound





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