65ft long Theodore TOO Tugboat

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Theodore TOO, the 65-foot replica of the tugboat from the 1990s animated television character, “Theodore Tugboat,” is now available for guests to spend the night on via Airbnb for the first time.

The host, Captain Noah, is helming the tugboat this summer from his current post in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in the Hamilton Harbor on Lake Ontario.

Since moving from his home in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Theodore TOO has become an attraction docked in Hamilton Harbor.

Built in Daysprings, Nova Scotia in 2000, the 65-foot tug now works as an ambassador to the marine industry and a guide to the great lakes.

The captain and his crew will treat guests to a few square meals with local eats from Hamilton, supporting some of the small businesses that play such an important role in the city. Once the sun sets over the horizon, guests can lounge on the deck for a movie night under the stars, surrounded by the harbor and plenty of snacks.

Bunk up in a cozy cabin fit for a Harbormaster, decorated with iconic Canadians and nods to Theodore’s roots in Halifax.

The Theodore has been seen along the St. Clair and in towns along the waterways of Lake Erie on its 2021 summer tour. The tugboat was also a mascot for the U.S. Coast Guard in 2000, and once toured the entire Eastern Seaboard down to Florida, and the Great Lakes out to Chicago.

The Canadian stay comes as Airbnb has introduced a new way to search designed around Airbnb categories, making it easy to discover millions of unique homes in places you may have never known to exist. With over 30,000 OMG! category stays around the world, there are plenty more one-of-a-kind stays available this summer.

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