Video is grainy but watch this incredible video of a plane fly through a wave during take off.

From Youtube:This is an S-2E from VS-38 off Calif. coast in 1971 onboard USS Ticonderoga CVS-14. Aircraft had pilot and copilot hatches open when rogue wave came up over bow at end of catapult shot. AC was able to recover a few feet off the surface and fly back to San Diego. The inside of the AC was soaked with salt water and was later taken out of service. Pilot was LCDR Guy Wilcox. I was squadron LSO and observed launch from the LSO platform on the rear port side flight deck of ship. Tom Sanders

Add’l info added 4/23/08 aircraft ID’d as S2 Tracker.
video was sent to me a couple years ago in an email – looked like a scary takeoff to me…but at least ultimately successful?


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