Yep, you have to love Florida. We could do a whole blog on nothing but Flordia stories!

Check out this story!

Grab a white bikini, mix in some overalls and add in a pickup truck and a little mud for good measure and you’ve got all the makings of the most Florida wedding of all time.

That’s exactly what Jeremy and Ahrielle Biddle had when they tied the knot late last month at Redneck Mud Park in Punta Gorda during the Trucks Gone Wild Spring Break event.

Pictures and video from the redneck rite show Ahrielle Biddle glowing in a bridal bikini complete with white ruffles and a veil while Jeremy Biddle beams in a pair of denim overalls with no shirt underneath.

The lovebirds exchanged vows in the bed of a lifted white truck with revving engines instead of church bells sounding in the distance.

Once the vows were exchanged, the newlyweds celebrated by rolling — and kissing — in the mud as guests snapped candid photos.

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