Daniel Schetter’s beard froze, producing at least five-inch icicles as he rode waves during a polar vortex last week.

The Marquette surfer, along with fellow surfer Allen Finau, traveled to Presque Isle Park and were photographed by Devon Hains on Jan. 27 and Jan. 30. According to The Weather Channel, temperatures in Marquette on those days were a high of 1 degree and lows of 9 below zero and 7 below zero respectively.

“I surf all year. There is no end of the season. When the ice freezes solid, a lot of times, there’s water out in the lake still that’s open to the wind, and the wind will create waves out there, and they’ll roll under the ice and hit the shore, and break the ice loose,” he said. “Then the whole ice shelf will move out, and the waves will spit out from the ice.”

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