Man what a year. The 2013 Jobbie Crew recap!


joomplu:8779Jobbie Nooner 2013 while rainy and cooler was still as hot as ever. The crowds were just as pumped and beautiful girls were on the ship all day.















joomplu:9017Bud Bash 2013 – Cooler and windy were the words to describe the day. The turn was unbelievable and Jessie, Phil and the crew provided 2nd to none hospitality to the crew.














joomplu:9827Raft Off- 2013 is one week after Bud Bash just enough time for you liver to recover! The weather was 82 and sunny with a little tropical breeze just to keep it real. We have been going to the Moot most of our lives and none of us have ever seen the amount of boats that were out there that day!












joomplu:10749Jobbie Nooner 2 2013 was another day where the weather keep down the attendance but the sun came out and heated up the action. The stage always seemed to have hot girls on it and the music was jamming all day!




The crew wishes everyone a safe and fun fall/winter season!


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