Argosy IV Casino Boat (For Sale: $1,500,000.00)

Casino boats are giant floating casino’s. Some are permanently moored with a boardwalk entrance while others float around freely.

Argosy IV permanently moored casino boat

The concept of a “casino” emerged in Venice, Italy in 1638 with the founding of the Ridotto Gambling House. After that, it didn’t take long for the concept of a “casino boat” to make that critical leap from concept-in-brain to actuality-in-reality.

Entrance to The Argosy

The classic gambling boat would be a Mississippi River paddlewheel riverboat that’s 600ft long, 3-stories high and has a 5,000-person capacity.

Inside the floating casino palace

Currently, Stomar Incorporated, is selling the ARGOSY IV Casino Boat for $1,500,000.00.

Argosy IV Floating Casino

Built in 1994, the Argosy IV is 240ft long, 77ft wide, has 3-decks and each deck is 17,000sq ft. This boat used to be the old Argosy Casino in Siox City, Iowa. At its peak, the Argosy had 300 full-time workers and was raking in $50mil. in annual revenue.

Horizon’s Edge casino boat (currently being auctioned by National Liquidators

Now wouldn’t it be cool to have a permanently moored casino on the Detroit River in Detroit, Michigan? Yes, Detroit already has three great casino’s (Greektown, MGM, Motor City) but a “floating casino” would be an instant destination spot due to the novelty. Plus it would create hundreds of jobs and generate millions in revenue. Bring a permanently moored floating casino to Detroit someone!

Inside Horizon’s Edge

What:          Argosy IV Casino Boat

Cost:            $1,500,000.00

Seller:          Stomar Incorporated

Contact:      (954) 646-3881;

Buy Argosy IV casino boat here!

List of permanently moored casinos

Horizons Edge (casino boat being auctioned by National Liquidators)


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