The Book Barge (floating 60-foot long indepdent bookstore) Staffordshire, England

Opened 2009 by Sarah Henshaw, the Book Barge, is a 60’ Cruiser Stern narrowboat designed for canals.

owner Sarah Henshaw

When moored, the Book Barge can be found at Barton Marina in Burton-Upon-Trent, East Staffordshire, about 100 miles NW of London.

Passengers aboard the canal-cruising Book Barge

According to their website, the Book Barge “designs and sells little libraries for private homes and public spaces.”

Inside one of the rooms

Catch this unusual floating indie bookshop cruising the intricate network of 2,000-miles of canals in Great Britain!

Book Barge in the Midlands

The Book Barge homepage

The Book Barge facebook page

The Book Barge twitter

Buy Sarah Henshaw’s book about the Barge!

Book Barge moored @ Barton Marina (Staffordshire)
Barton Marina is about 130 miles NW of London

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