30-Hour Couples Coffin Challenge

What’s worse than being buried alive? Spending 30 hours trapped inside a coffin with your significant other!

Six Flags Theme Park celebrated Fright Fest by daring guests to spend 30 hours trapped in a coffin with your partner of choice.

Six couples got cozy in six coffins.

Couples can bring pillows, sleeping bags, and anything else they need to make their tomb feel more inviting, just as long it fits inside the coffin when the lid is closed.

30-Hour Couples Coffin Challenge

Each contestant also gets a “Get Out of Coffin Free Card” they can use to rise from the grave for six minutes at any point in the challenge.

The grand prize consists of $600 split two ways, two 2020 gold season passes, and a Fright Fest prize package.

Coffin Challenge


30-Hour Couples Coffin Challenge

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