High up in the Wansu Mountains, part of the spectacular 4,300-mile long Andes Mountain range, lies the village of Santo Tomas in Chumbivilcas, Peru.

TAKANAKUY: Christmas Day fighting festival at 8,000ft elevation in ther Peruvian Andes!

Every Christmas, the entire village engages in one-on-one hand to hand combat in a fighting festival called “TAKANAKUY” (pronounced Taak-a-naa-kway).

Village fighters awaiting their turn to fight!

The point of the fighting is to settle past grievances so you can start the next year with a clean slate. And yes, the ENTIRE VILLAGE FIGHTS. Everyone, all people, all ages, one-on-one.

BAM! Take that hoe!

These are the ancestors of the Chachapoya’s (the Warriors of the Clouds) and they live 8,000ft up in the mountains. Fist fighting in the Andres: a Peruvian Christmas. What could be better than this???

Intriguing head-wear of the Christmas Fighters.


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