Sriracha Hot Sauce Hottie

Sriracha, the red chili garlic hot sauce pureed with sugar, has spawned an interesting subculture or cult, if you will.

David Tran, Mr. Sriracha

David Tran, Founder & CEO of Huy Fong Foods which makes Sriracha, escaped Communist Vietnam to Hong Kong in 1978 onboard a Taiwanese freighter. He founded his company in 1980 and began selling Sriracha out of a blue Chevy van in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles.

Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce

Sriracha is named for Sriracha, Thailand, a quaint seaside town. However, current operations are all located within the Greater Los Angeles area.

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Sriracha global HQ (Rosemead, CA)
Inside the old 170,000sq ft Wham-O factory (where they used to make Frisbees and Slip ‘N Slides), the Sriracha assembly line churns out over 3,000 bottles of Sriracha per hour from thousands of 55gal blue drums filled with Sriracha.

Sriracha cellphone case

Sriracha’s plastic bottle factory (Irwindale, CA)
18,000 plastic Sriracha bottles per hour are manufactured here.

Sriracha Halloween Costumes

Underwood Ranches (Camarillo, CA)
The largest red pepper farm in America exclusively grows 48,000 tons of red jalapeno chile peppers for Sriracha here on their 1,750acre farm.

UV Sriracha Vodka

Sriracha is a kickass sauce. Will it replace Tabasco? No one knows but both are good. What are you waiting for? Buy stilettos, buy a phone case, dress up as a bottle of Sriracha, find that mystical intersection of sex and Sriracha. Join the cult.

The Cult of Sriracha. Join Us!

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Sriracha Bloody Mary recipe

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Huy Fong official store

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Short 3min vid with David Tran






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