Some new video has surfaced online filmed from inside the Costa Concordia.

The video appears to be filmed by man sneaking onboard the vessel at night in Genoa, where the vessel is being demolished. The uploader, identified only as Adhoc, shares few details but tagged it with #Urbex, or “urban exploration”, an often illegal and dangerous activity where people enter places that are typically off limits and then document it with photos and video.

One thing we do know about the video is that the consortium in charge of the demolition project is not happy about it. In a statement posted to its website, the consortium said it is taking steps to find and prosecute whoever filmed it (their full statement can be found below).

The video is super creepy, but offers a new look at the wreckage from a viewpoint that not many people have seen. Check it out below:

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There’s also a full album of photos HERE.

Here’s the consortium’s statement regarding the incident:

Regarding the video appeared on the internet and picked up by some media sources and on the Concordia currently moored at the breakwater of the Port of Pra Voltri for relief operations, the Ship Recycling Consortium would like to clarify the following.

The Consortium Ship Recycling is taking steps to file suit to unknown for obvious violation of access to the wreck of the Concordia took place, from what can be seen in the video posted on the web in recent days.

The Ship Recycling Consortium emphasizes that the wreck is staff on board even during the night, whose task is the defense of the ship in terms of government systems and systems for the safety of the wreck itself.

A security service 24 hours 24 is present in the sixth head pier for access control area of ??the yard to the ground.

Following this unfortunate incident, the Consortium Ship Recycling is taking steps to implement the security service staff also positioned at the breakwater where the ship is moored and with the installation of

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