Freelance Inspector

WeGoLook is an online platform used by insurance agents and attorneys, who hire people with working cell phones to take photographs of accident scenes and cars that have been damaged.

In addition to taking a bunch of photos, you will need to jot down details about the scene (or car) on a form provided by the client. The site estimates each job will take 15 to 20 minutes. You typically get paid $15 to $30 per “look.”

The only requirement besides a working smart phone is that you can pass a background check, and they’ll charge you $15 to pay for it. So make sure they pay you more than the cost of the background check for that first “look.”



Professional Cuddler

Are you ready to be hired as a paid snuggler?

A number of sites pay women (occassionally men, too) to “cuddle.” Requirements? Be over the age of 18.

The idea behind the whole “snuggling” industry is that people can get by without sex, but they need human touch. Thus, if you’re willing to cuddle with a stranger, they’ll pay you.

The best of this bunch for side hustlers is CuddleComfort

The site allows cuddlers to set their own rate of pay, but instructs them to charge at least $40 per hour minimum. Always use common sense and take safety precautions.

You can even have a sleepover with your platonic cuddle buddy.

There’s also Snuggle Buddies 


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