The Soup Nazi! (Seinfeld episode, 1995)

Back in 1995, the Seinfeld TV show featured one of its most iconic characters, The Soup Nazi!

The Soup Nazi script

Larry “The Soup Nazi” Thomas is on a promotional tour of Kroger stores to help hype soups from Soupman Inc. These Soupman recipes are based on the real original Soup Nazi Al Yeganeh who had a soup kitchen in Manhattan, NYC.

Larry “The Soup Nazi” Thomas

What:          The Seinfeld SOUP NAZI live in-person!

When:         Sunday, January 17th, 2016

Where:        Kroger Supermarket (20891 E. 13 Mile rd, Roseville, Michigan)

Time:          11am-3pm

Soup Nazi!
Soupman soups founded by the real original “Soup Nazi” Al Yanegeh
Soupman Soups!
Al’s Soup Kitchen in Manhattan, NYC
8in. tall Soup Nazi action figure from Funko

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