Tasked with replacing the Veyron, one of the most audacious engineering projects ever undertaken in the motoring world, Bugatti pulled out all the stops and created the Chiron. Not only is it fast, but the company says it should handle better than its predecessor and, to our eyes, it looks better as well. But it doesn’t float. Thankfully, that’s where the Bugatti Niniette 66 steps in.

Bugatti Chiron limited-edition Niniette 66

This particular yacht is a revised version of the Niniette first shown late in 2015. Although it garnered “great interest” from existing and prospective owners, there was a group who wanted the design more clearly linked to the Chiron that would (eventually) be sitting in their garages. The boat builders at Palmer Johnson – the company chosen by Bugatti to build the yacht – went back to the drawing board and came up with the Niniette 66 you see here.

Like the original, the design of the 66-foot (20-meter) yacht combines a narrow main hull with two sponsons protruding out of the side for a smoother, more comfortable ride. Carbon fiber has been used to keep weight down and improve overall stiffness, while the lightweight weave also provides a tangible connection to the carbon-laden Chiron design. Performance isn’t quite Bugatti-fast, but a 44-knot (51-mph or 82-km/h) top speed is nothing to be sneezed at.

The clearest link to the Chiron, though, is the gorgeous c-shaped curve on the side of the hull. It splits the design in two, and opens the door for unique paint finishes to match the endless range of options Bugatti buyers have. Unlike the car, the roof has a retractable top for a comfortable ride in poor weather, without sacrificing your summertime tanning deck.

That deck is home to more luxury features than most houses. Carbon fiber, leather and oak have all been used as trim, and the lower part of the deck is home to a spa, lounge and champagne bar. Not enough? There’s also a fire pit, perfect for those chilly nights on the Monaco harbor.

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The luxury continues in the cabin below deck, which is much more spacious than you’d expect of a sporty yacht. Once again, carbon fiber and leather feature, but the wood found on the main deck has been substituted for polished metal and marble. Passengers are faced with the classic Bugatti horseshoe motif, and there’s a small window in the ceiling to let natural light creep in. If you’ve had enough lounging around and want to catch some rest (or, you know, enjoy the fact you’re on a luxury yacht with someone special) there’s a double bed in the adjacent master suite.

Just like the cabin of any Bugatti, the trim on the yacht can be endlessly customized to meet the owner’s wildest fancy, so the tasteful beige of the boat pictured isn’t your only option. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but the last Niniette wore a €2 million (US$2.1 million) sticker. Expect this to be equally as unattainable.

Source: Bugatti

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