Schoolcraft College Welding Technology Course 2023

The Schoolcraft College Welding Technology Course is considered the top welding program in the state of Michigan.

The intro class is Welding 110. It’s 4 hours per week for 15 weeks and costs around $800.00. There are several other classes to choose from.

The training is 80% hands-on, 20% textbook work.

You will be firing live electricity into metal sections to create an arc that burns up to 20,000° F.

You will learn Mig (wire welding), Stick (weld with two different electrodes), Tig (steel & aluminum), and Gas welding (old school).

Each student is assigned a welding booth and welding helmet. You will need to buy safety goggles, fire-resistant jacket, long pants (Duluth Jeans), gloves.

You will also learn about plasma cutting, spot welding, shielding gases (ie: CO2, argon, helium, oxygen), removing slag with a chipping hammer, you can take a separate course on learning fabrication, etc.

The American Welding Society’s (AWS) criteria for a good weld is “continuity”.

If you are interested in a career as a welder or if you are a hobbyist who wants to learn more, this course is for you.

Schoolcraft College Welding Technology Course


Schoolcraft College Welding Technology Course

13001 Merriman Road

Livonia, MI 48150


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Questions? Contact instructor Coley McLean


Welding Journal (AWS monthly publication)


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