The Jobbie Crew is dedicated to everyone coming home alive, every time. Starting this year we are going to start our own safety series including a way to “Ask the Captian” if you have specific questions related to boating safety that you want to be explained. These laws primarily apply to Michigan and are more geared towards Lake St Clair. Ultimately you are responsible for knowing the laws where you boat at! A knowledgeable captain is a safe captain! Ask the Captain your questions here


This week we are going to highlight some great free resources for Boating. The more you

New DNR site

know the better you are going to be prepared. Even our captains continue to educate themselves every year. You can never know too much!

1st up is the Michigan DNR site – This year they have a whole new look and is easier than ever to navigate! 

Sail over to the Michigan DNR’s new website at and check out the easier-to-navigate site, which highlights Michigan boating and other outdoor recreation fun. 

Start your next on-the-water adventure at
 is another great resource for mariners. In addition to unlimited towing(Which everyone should have) they have a ton of great articles and how to do’s for every level boater!

Are you ship-shape for boating season?

As you take your boat out of winter storage, it’s time to start thinking about seasonal preparations. Check out this spring start-up checklist for tips to ensure your season starts off with smooth sailing.

While not the easiest site to get around in the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary can be a good source of knowledge and you can also book online your free safety inspection!

There are so many free resources out in the land of the internet! Let us know which ones you use so we can add them to the list!


Till next week

Captain Jim




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