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Supposedly, New Zealand is the best place in the world to be a prostitute, according to sex workers.

In June 2003, New Zealand became the first country to decriminalize sex work with the passage of the Prostitution Reform Act.

New Zealand’s sex work laws call any sex work business a “brothel”. An operator of a brothel has to have a special license, and must do things like making sure the sex workers are over 18 and use safer sex practices. Most sex workers in brothels have signed agreements that say they are “independent contractors”, rather than employees.

In particular, Wellington Escorts is one of the main escort directories. (warning NSFW)

Ethics of good and safe practices must be adhered to, such as ensuring that those who engage in sexual acts are above the legal age of consent. The age of consent in New Zealand is 16 and to work in the industry is 18.

Many countries have different age of consent. The lowest age of consent is seen in The Philippines and Angola with the age of consent being 12. Countries like Japan, Niger, Comoros and Burkina Faso also have a consent age of 13. The highest age of consent in the world is Bahrain, with the legal age of consent is 21.

Prostitution New Zealand

Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal 2021

Country Prostitution Status  2021 Population
Iceland Limitedly legal 343,353
Armenia Limitedly legal 2,968,127
Ireland Limitedly legal 4,982,907
Norway Limitedly legal 5,465,630
Sweden Limitedly legal 10,160,169
Australia Limitedly legal 25,788,215
Malaysia Limitedly legal 32,776,194
Canada Limitedly legal 38,067,903
France Limitedly legal 65,426,179
United Kingdom Limitedly legal 68,207,116
Japan Limitedly legal 126,050,804
United States Limitedly legal 332,915,073
Belize Legal 404,914
Malta Legal 442,784
Luxembourg Legal 634,814
Cyprus Legal 1,215,584
Estonia Legal 1,325,185
Latvia Legal 1,866,942
Slovenia Legal 2,078,724
Uruguay Legal 3,485,151
Panama Legal 4,381,579
New Zealand Legal 4,860,643
Costa Rica Legal 5,139,052
Slovakia Legal 5,460,721
Finland Legal 5,548,360
Denmark Legal 5,813,298
Singapore Legal 5,896,686
El Salvador Legal 6,518,499
Kyrgyzstan Legal 6,628,356
Nicaragua Legal 6,702,385
Bulgaria Legal 6,896,663
Paraguay Legal 7,219,638
Switzerland Legal 8,715,494
Israel Legal 8,789,774
Austria Legal 9,043,070
Hungary Legal 9,634,164
Honduras Legal 10,062,991
Portugal Legal 10,167,925
Greece Legal 10,370,744
Czech Republic Legal 10,724,555
Dominican Republic Legal 10,953,703
Cuba Legal 11,317,505
Belgium Legal 11,632,326
Bolivia Legal 11,832,940
Netherlands Legal 17,173,099
Senegal Legal 17,196,301
Ecuador Legal 17,888,475
Guatemala Legal 18,249,860
Chile Legal 19,212,361
Venezuela Legal 28,704,954
Peru Legal 33,359,418
Poland Legal 37,797,005
Argentina Legal 45,605,826
Spain Legal 46,745,216
Colombia Legal 51,265,844
Kenya Legal 54,985,698
Italy Legal 60,367,477
Germany Legal 83,900,473
Turkey Legal 85,042,738
Ethiopia Legal 117,876,227
Mexico Legal 130,262,216
Bangladesh Legal 166,303,498
Brazil Legal 213,993,437
Indonesia Legal 276,361,783
India Legal 1,393,409,038
Saint Kitts And Nevis Illegal 53,544
Dominica Illegal 72,167
Antigua And Barbuda Illegal 98,731
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Illegal 111,263
Grenada Illegal 113,021
Saint Lucia Illegal 184,400
Barbados Illegal 287,711
Bahamas Illegal 396,913
Suriname Illegal 591,800
Guyana Illegal 790,326
Trinidad And Tobago Illegal 1,403,375
Lithuania Illegal 2,689,862
Albania Illegal 2,872,933
Jamaica Illegal 2,973,463
Croatia Illegal 4,081,651
Liberia Illegal 5,180,203
United Arab Emirates Illegal 9,991,089
Jordan Illegal 10,269,021
Haiti Illegal 11,541,685
Rwanda Illegal 13,276,513
Cambodia Illegal 16,946,438
Romania Illegal 19,127,774
North Korea Illegal 25,887,041
Angola Illegal 33,933,610
Saudi Arabia Illegal 35,340,683
Afghanistan Illegal 39,835,428
Iraq Illegal 41,179,350
Uganda Illegal 47,123,531
South Korea Illegal 51,305,186
South Africa Illegal 60,041,994
Thailand Illegal 69,950,850
Iran Illegal 85,028,759
Egypt Illegal 104,258,327
Philippines Illegal 111,046,913
China Illegal 1,444,216,107

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