Variety of penis bones

According to the eggheads at Scientific American, the baculum (aka: penis bone) is a floating “extra-skeletal” bone unattached to any other bones.

The Walrus Baculum is 2-feet long!

Bonobo’s have an 8mm long baculum and copulate for 15-seconds.

Walrus Baculum (penis bone) is 2-feet long!

The evolutionary trajectory of the baculum dates back 145 million years ago and does not include humans. We never had a penis bone, even in the sabertooth tiger wooly mammoth days.

The Vaginal Friction Hypothesis states that “the baculum acts as a shoehorn, enabling a male to overcome any friction and squeeze himself into a female.”

Human penis ain’t got no bone

The real reasons humans don’t have a baculum is a secret that all women already know: we are biologically wired to be premature ejaculators.

“The average duration from penetration to ejaculation for human males is less than 2 minutes.”

Hey, don’t feel bad guys, bonobos only last 15 seconds.

‘Conference on premature ejaculation’



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