Lazzarini Pagurus Amphibious Catamaran

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This new amphibious catamaran concept called Pagurus—Latin for crab—is from the designers at Italian studio Lazzarini.

The key to the amphibious capabilities of this 82-foot long mini-superyacht is the design of its twin hulls.

Tucked away in recesses are four, 21-foot-long steel cylinders, each featuring a helical spiral flange that looks like the thread of some giant screw.

Lazzarini Pagurus Amphibious Catamaran


Pull up to a beach and, at the touch of a button, all 4 cylinders drop down out of the hulls. With each powered by their own 440 hp diesel engine, the screws turn, biting into the sand, dragging the catamaran on to land.

One big attraction of Pagurus’s ability to crawl on to shore—apart from letting you see penguins out of your bedroom window—is to go exploring in your own 4×4.

In this case, a Tesla Cybertruck.

It can be stowed on a platform between the hulls and lowered down on winches to the ground. The same platform could be used to hold a couple of electric Tesla Cyberquad ATVs, or snowmobiles.

Lazzarini Pagurus Amphibious Catamaran

And juicing-up the Teslas would be easy, courtesy of the huge banks of solar panels incorporated into the decks. Even the turning of the screw cylinders when the catamaran is under way is designed to help charge the batteries.

To get Pagurus to those faraway destinations, Lazzarini imagines the cat with a pair of 900 hp Caterpillar diesels coupled to sterndrives, giving a top speed of 25 knots.

Want to cruise into that remote bay without disturbing the wildlife? Those underwater helical screws can turn under silent electric power to push the yacht at a stealthy 5 knots.

Lazzarini Pagurus Amphibious Catamaran

Echoing a crab’s hard shell, Pagurus’s steel hull would be up to an inch thick with extra reinforcement around the bow for safe and effective ice-crushing.

The Pagurus concept could be turned into reality for around $30 million dollars.

If you like the shape but not so much the ambitious screw-drive technology, a lighter-weight Pagurus, built of carbon fiber with water-jet power and a 32-knot top speed, could be built for around $8 million.

Lazzarini Yacht Designs (Rome, Italy)

Lazzarini Pagurus Amphibious Catamaran

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