After a couple of years of almost record low waters, the last 3 years have brought high water! While this is not good for the prop shops it allows exploration of bays and nooks that have been mostly inaccessible for a long time such as Fisher’s Bay. For established sites like Gull Island for Jobbie nooner 2019 this means there will be even less island then last year!

Jobbie Nooner 2016 Aerial Gull Island Lake St Clair

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers office in Detroit recently issued its latest six-month forecast for the lakes.

The Detroit News reports that Lake Superior is unusually high and by May could reach a record set in the mid-1980s. Lake Erie also could hit record highs in late spring.

Lakes Huron and Michigan should be above normal but aren’t expected to break records.

Levels in some of the lakes were at record lows six years ago but have recovered.

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