The 6,000-pound anchor from a massive, historic steamship will be pulled from the Detroit River today after 60 years underwater.

The Greater Detroit (Image from the Free Press)

Greater Detroit was a luxury steamship with a capacity of more than 2,100 passengers, was a 536-foot-long, 96-foot-wide “floating hotel” that toured the Great Lakes from 1924-1950, according to a news release from the Great Lakes Maritime Institute.

This afternoon, a tugboat, barge and crane will be used to remove the bow anchor from the river for display at the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority office. Once out of the water, the anchor is to be taken to the J.W. Westcott Co. dock at the foot of 24th Street to be cleaned to prevent corrosion.

The process is expected to start at 1 p.m. and take a few hours, and the best view is to be from West Riverfront Park, west of Joe Louis Arena and the Riverfront Towers apartments. The Great Lakes Maritime Institute is raising funds to continue preserving and promoting Great Lakes maritime heritage, and donations can be made at


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