Nudist book store

Proprietor Paul “Sweet Pie” Winer has been running his desert bookstore for decades wearing only a custom crocheted sock (not on either foot) and little else to cover his extremely tanned hide.

Naked Man Book Store

There’s no air-conditioning, so you might want to join Paul in removing some articles of clothing while you browse the thousands of titles filling the sprawling stacks and shelves of the shop.

On a hot day, you’ll realize Sweet Pie is the most sensibly dressed.

Nudist book store

Sweet Pie is not only a book-loving nudist, he’s also an accomplished musician. He will regularly close the register to sit at his piano and play a few songs for customers.

You can find his music for sale in the shop. He has some great stories and enjoys taking pictures with customers to promote the store.

Know Before You Go

Cash Only.

Hopefully, you have pockets because Sweet Pie doesn’t.

Reader’s Oasis Books

Naked book store owner

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