Heavyweight champion boxer MIKE TYSON will be signing autographs @ DC Sports inside Lakeside Mall

Heavyweight champion boxer, one of the toughest pro fighters of all-time, and all-around colorful personality, Mike Tyson, will be signing autographs at DC Sports (Detroit City Sports) inside Lakeside Mall!

Once known as ‘Kid Dynamite‘, Tyson is one of the world’s most well-known personalities and creator of some of the best and funniest quotes of all time.

Tyson has stated numerous times that “I love visiting Detroit,” so we’re hoping he’s in a good mood.

Mike Tyson

At 10 years old in 1976, Tyson ran with the Puma Boys burglary gang in Brownsville, Brooklyn, NYC.

In March 1980, human wrecking ball Mike Tyson began training with legendary boxing trainer Cus D’Amato from the Bronx, and his life changed forever.

Mike Tyson

By 1987, Mike Tyson had his own Nintendo game called ‘Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!

Tyson went on to become Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Currently, Mike Tyson has a pigeon coop at his house. He is a well-known long-time lover and advocate of pigeons.

Mike Tyson

He’s written two books: Undisputed Truth (2013) and Iron Ambition (2018).

He owns Tyson Ranch, a 40-acre cannabis compound in California’s Mojave Desert.

He hosts a brilliant podcast called Hotboxin with Mike Tyson.

Check out the episode with Tony Robbins, where Tyson talks about smoking 5-MeO-DMT (fast-forward to the 30 minute mark of the video for it).

Important Information about the DC Sports Mike Tyson event:

Cus D’Amato & Mike Tyson

DC Sports is located inside Lakeside Mall on the first floor, next to JCPenney.

You can expect 500-1,000 people or more at this event, so come prepared.

There will be a cordoned off line that everyone will wait in.

You must purchase tickets ahead of the event day, either via phone or in-person.

DC Sports will give you a confirmation slip. On the day of the event, the line starts forming two hours before Tyson’s appearance. You will exchange your slip for a ticket.

DC Sports @ Lakeside Mall, Sterling Heights, Michigan

If you are getting a photograph with Tyson, DC Sports has a professional photographer who takes the photo of you and Tyson standing in front of a patterned backdrop. You will get the physical 8 x 10 photo one week later either by picking it up at the store or they will mail it to you.

If you are hungry, the best place to eat nearby is just outside the mall at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse (14455 Lakside Circle, Sterling Heights, MI).

Mike Tyson is an important historical figure and you will not want to miss this possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet him.

Mike Tyson

What:          MIKE TYSON autograph signing!

When:         Saturday, May 20, 2023

Where:        DC Sports store, it’s on the lower level by JC Penny @ Lakeside Mall (14000 Lakeside Circle, Sterling Heights, MI)

Time:          10:30 a.m. photo op/ 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. signing

Tickets:       Call (586) 566-8331 to reserve your ticket

Cost:           $130 photo op/ $130 flats/ $150 premiums

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Mike Tyson

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