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Midwest Media Expo is a massive annual Pop Culture & Cosplay event that attracts thousands to Dearborn to celebrate all things pop culture and the subculture of Cosplay.

Cosplay is defined as “costume-play”, the practice of dressing up as a fictional character from movies, books, video games or particularly Japanese anime or manga.


Cosplayer costumes are usually very elaborate and creative homemade costumes. Hell, even if you’re not into dressing up, the hottie-watching might be worth the trip alone!

Jessica Nigri

Cosplay is also a sort of offshoot of LARP, Live-Action Role-Playing. Although, LARP involves more actual role-playing with foam weapons and props whereas Cosplay is simply dressing up.

Check out the interesting 2006 documentary Darkon on Baltimore LARP.

Shout out to Detroit NERO, Michigan’s main LARP group.


What:          Midwest Media Expo

When:          Friday, April 28th-Sunday, April 30th, 2017

Where:        Edward Village Hotel (600 Town Center, Dearborn, MI)

Cost:             $25.00-$100.00


Midwest Media Expo



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